Patricia Sinnott, Director and Founder of Pathway Tours, is a seasoned traveler having led 25 tours since 1998. She enjoys sharing her love of history, culture and art.


As an art enthusiast, and world traveler, Trisha has personally experienced that the sacred container of a woman’s journey provides encouragement and permission for individual growth.

She has been inspired by Edith Wharton, a kindred soul, being "incorrigible life-lovers and life-wonderers and adventurers."

When not leading a tour or doing research for future tours, she enjoys solo travel, especially to art museums where she feeds her spirit through her love of art.  She makes her home in Atlanta where she shares the care and affection of Big Brownie,  an overweight Chocolate Lab, and Molasses, a much-too-smart Chocolate puppy, with her son, Patrick.

Co-Leaders and Future Tours

She and Sue Monk Kidd have led 6 prior tours including literary tours to England and Ireland in 2014 and 2016.  With Sue's daughter, Ann, they are pleased to celebrate American women authors in 2018.  Other tours under consideration are an American Suffragrette tour with Kim Ryan; A Women, Wine and Poetry trip to Thornhill Winery in Napa Valley with Sue Monk Kidd and Amy Thorn; and a tour celebrating French and American women writers and artists in Paris in 2019.

After spending six months in London in 2012, Trisha has expanded Pathway Tours to include a concierge service for travelers- including singles, couples and small groups desiring private tour planning assistance in advance of a tour; individualized attention during a private tour; and the possibility to experience a short-term stay in a private apartment with a live-in expert.  Locations under consideration include her three favorite cities: London, Paris and Florence.  Watch this website for further information.

The Future--Concierge Service

Chang Mai, Thailand,  Elephant Camp


Cairo, Egypt

Along the Thames, London

London Bloomsbury Tour

Travel is the only experience that lets us play at having more than one life. I imagine what it would be like to live in Paris for the rest of my days.  To do this, it helps to have a short term apartment rental.

            --Fred Dust, in AFAR Magazine